Funky Shizzle

by Skeewiff


1. You Just Made My Day (Feat Bam)

2. Slam Your Funky Funk-Funk (Feat Ashley Slater)

3. Because I love It (Feat Imagine This)

4. Get Some

5. Setting It Off (Feat Sammy Senior)

6. Get Down To The Pumped Up Funk

7. Bamboo Beats (Feat Beat Fatigue)

8. Hey Charles! Do The Wob (Feat Dan Hewson)

9. Dr Groove (Feat Cab Canavaral)

10. Snakeweed (Feat The Brand New Heavies)

11. Sing It To Me One More Time Baby

12. Gimme Some Soul

13. Interlude Dude (Feat Charlotte Glasson)