Lyrics Born Variety Show Season 3

by Lyrics Born


1. Intro

2. Do It Up, Do It Big

3. Stax On The Table (LB What It Look Like?)

4. Let Me In, Let Me Out (Count Remix)

5. What U Need

6. Meow Mix

7. I Like It, I Love It

8. Cake Walk (Remix)

9. Callin' Out (Mash Up)

10. Badder Than Bad

11. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

12. Have Mercy (Remix)

13. Hott 2 Deff

14. Rewards and Consequences

15. It Go

16. This Is What We Fought For?

17. I'm Just Raw (Re-Opened and Remixed)

18. Shake It Off (HypoKriticaL Mix)