Raise The Flag

by The Housemartins


1. Stand at Ease

2. Coal Train to Hatfield Main

3. You

4. Drop Down Dead

5. Who Needs the Limelight?

6. Joy Joy Joy

7. Rap Around the Clock

8. We Shall Not Be Moved

9. When I First Met Jesus

10. So Much In Love

11. Heaven Help Us All

12. So Glad

13. Rebel Without the Airplay

14. He Will Find You Out

15. I Bit My Lip

16. Paris in Flares

17. Forwards and Backwards

18. The Light is Always Green (cheap version)

19. Get Up Off Our Knees (live)

20. Five Get Over Excited (live)

21. Johannesberg (live)

22. Time Spent Thinking

23. Swansea

24. The Day I Called It a Day