The Great Lost Kinks Album

by The Kinks


. 24 Mr Shoemaker's daughter

1. Til Death Do Us Part

2. There's No Life Without Love

3. Lavender Hill

4. Revenge

5. Got Love If You Want It

6. Misty Water

7. This I Know

9. The Way Love Used To Be

10. There's a New World Just Opening for Me

11. All Night Stand

12. This Man He Weeps Tonight

13. Spotty Grotty Anna

14. And I Will Love You

15. She's Got Everything (B-Side)

16. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (Alt. Acoustic Version)

17. Mr. Reporter

18. Sand On My Shoes (Outtake)

20. Do You Wish To Be A Man

22. Mr. Songbird (Outtake)

23. I'm crying

24. Are You Ready Girl?

25. When I Turn Off The Living Room Light

28. Berkeley Mews (Bbc-Tv)

29. Easy Come, There You Went (Arthur Outtake 1969)