The Lyrics Born Variety Show

by Lyrics Born


1. Opening Theme

2. Do That There Medley (Featuring Cut Chemist And Young Einstein)

3. Lady Don't Tek No

4. Explosive (Featuring Lyrics Born And Rjd2)

5. Top Qualified (Featuring Lyrics Born, Lateef, And Blackalicious)

6. 'Bout Action (Featuring Lyrics Born, Lateef, Vursatyl, And The Gift Of Gab)

7. Gettin' It Together (Featuring Lyrics Born)

8. Say That Again? (Featuring Vursatyl And Lateef)

9. Goin' Down South (LB Remix, Featuring Lyrics Born)

10. Hands Up (Featuring Lyrics Born)

11. The Last Trumpet Medley (Featuring Lateef, Halou, And DJ Shadow)

12. Quannum World (Featuring Lyrics Born, Lateef, The Gift Of Gab, And The Lifesavas)

13. Pack Up Remix (Featuring KRS-One, Evidence, And DJ D-Sharp)

14. Bubble Gum Wrap

15. Callin' Out Remix (Featuring E-40 And Casual)

16. 8 Point Agenda (Featuring Lyrics Born And Lateef)

17. Closing Theme

18. Bonus Track