Who We Touch (Deluxe Edition)

by The Charlatans


1. Love Is Ending

2. My Foolish Pride

3. Your Pure Soul

4. Smash The System

5. Intimacy

6. Sincerity

7. Trust In Desire

8. When I Wonder

9. Oh!

10. You Can Swim/On The Threshold/I Sing The Body Electric

11. Love Is Ending (Early Version)

12. Intimacy (Early Version)

13. Smash The System (Early Version)

14. These Things (Studio Out-Take)

15. Your Pure Soul (Early Version)

16. Sincerity (Early Instrumental)

17. Trust In Desire (Alternate Take)

18. My Foolish Pride (Early Version)

19. Lips That Would Kiss (Early Version)

20. Who We Touch Don't Mind (Studio Out-Take)

21. Don't Know Where Or When (Studio Out-Take)

22. Intimacy (Alternate Mix)

23. Throbbing Genesis (Studio Out-Take)